Global Political Ecology. Richard Peet, Paul Robbins, Michael Watts

Global Political Ecology

ISBN: 0415548144,9780415548144 | 464 pages | 12 Mb

Global Political Ecology Richard Peet, Paul Robbins, Michael Watts
Publisher: Routledge

Social Sciences/Mathematics – A120 (lower level) Global Issues (4O). Global Political Ecology List Price: $49.95 List Price: $49.95 Your Price: $43.76- The world is caught in the mesh of a series of environmental crises. Global Politics-00-p.qxd11/7/1015:26Page iGlobal Political EcologyThe world is caught in the mesh of a series of environmental crises. Looking over the list of attendees, I can easily imagine the political content of the conversations now taking place in the Fu River Room. We are becoming a global village. Rightly scared by what they find. Global Warming and the Political Ecology of Health by Hans Baer and Merrill Singer goes a long way to explaining why, and proposes radical solutions that attack the root cause of the crisis. To what extent has research by corporations and engineers redefined the ecology of seeds and how have political and artistic forms of resistance intervened? Moderator: Manoj Misra: The political ecology of globalization, peasant dispossession and ecological rift in Bangladesh. My politics of ecology and justice. The Cultural Politics of Seeds symposium looked at how gender, ethnicity, and race have shaped contemporary cultural and political movements related to seeds: How has global climate in relation to economic and cultural crises affected food systems and place-based heirloom seeds? China is waxing and America is waning.